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Testnet Faucet

About is a website where developers can get (claim) free testnet coins from multiple networks. Testnet Faucet has been helping developers with supplying testnet coins since 2020 and people from all around the world have used the faucet to help them with their development needs.

The backstory

A little backstory...In 2020, I was looking for some testnet Litecoin to test an application I was developing that supports Litecoin. Now, I know I could've used regtest, but I wanted to use the testnet as I needed to see live transactions on the explorers. I looked for a faucet that would give you testnet Litecoin, but I couldn't find one, and then I realized I could mine some tLTC using one of my Antminer L3++'s. I mined so many testnet Litecoins that when I finished testing my project, I didn't know what to do with them. I held onto them for a few months and then when another project came around, I remembered how difficult it was to get testnet coins for coins other than Bitcoin. Remembering this, I thought about starting my own testnet faucet, one that will support multiple coins as it seems that coins are neglected in regard to being readily available for testing on their testnets from people mining them up and holding them for unknown motives. After a month of working on developing the faucets, I launched which originally had 3 testnet coins available (Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin). Today, my faucet has sent over 250,000 transactions and numerous coins to developers so that they may test their applications and I'm really grateful for all the support I had along the way. From people helping supply testnet coins for other networks to people leaving a kind message.