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Faucet stats

Balance: 28.16922175 tBTC
Total sent: 10.158304590000009 tBTC
Number of payouts: 13280
Average payout: 0.00075 tBTC

You can get free tBTC every hour.

Please return your unused testnet coins to this address so other people can use them!


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Bitcoin BTC: 3DkvAuSEAQkrhPxxSA6BUVeSRKnb9HAgEv
Litecoin LTC: MViXED1MPfjvbgtes21PV2oAhpTwC3ExSC
Dogecoin DOGE: DCm8XTR799wZPqhJjhHd14a7vsrbhxM7iF
Beyondcoin BYND: B7BqHyyrB9h7SJd8zpMpLhUHqQEVVdsUai
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