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Faucet stats

Balance: 71534.24465514 tGRS
Total sent: 7.73496131 tGRS
Number of payouts: 3
Average payout: 12.50 tGRS

You can get free tGRS every hour.

Please return your unused testnet coins to this address so other people can use them!


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Groestlcoin TestnettGRS address

Latest transactions

tgrs1q48y0clhk8eart2m2rqvzpn6s4mxcds4tyuu75x 7.02705909 tGRS 12/02/2022, 09:20:33 AM 42278c5470ce69d7f4c74e5670ad7c0a744590b1fdf1e3ee10433c54e62959fd
mtsrG5cejBDDF24sY4SRogp2EvZsDqF3Vp 0.70781362 tGRS 12/01/2022, 03:43:50 PM 41d89a6da5352796d96ed6d4fa93e8eb2b3ebefbaac392788cbe3c202c03f384
tgrs1q48y0clhk8eart2m2rqvzpn6s4mxcds4tyuu75x 0.0000886 tGRS 11/29/2022, 10:52:21 AM 9cc3fe1ffab924a5c7a7fec4b97c6942aa383107324936dcfd55b84599335623

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