Testnet Faucet

Testnet wallets

Below are wallets that I have tested and recommend using to receive testnet coins from the faucet. In my opinion, the respective core wallets of each coin are the best testnet wallets alongside hardware wallets that support the testnet.

Other testnet faucets

Other known and useful testnet faucets mainly for tBTC.

About the faucet (and some stats)

I started this faucet on June 24, 2020 (1072 days ago) to help developers receive testnet coins so they may test their applications without risking real money. As of : seconds ago, the faucet has processed 219,276 claims which is around 205 claims per day! The total size of the transactions sent from all of the faucets is approximately 46.42 MB with an average of 222 bytes per transaction.

Contact me

You may reach out to me via Telegram @Beyondtoshi if you have any questions, comments or just want to chat.

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Latest transactions

mwnCU2f9fYGjsimDvACBhCqs9WmcPLeLky 0.81658653 tLTC 06/01/2023, 02:36:43 PM aaaa503def
2MzAqwGgD8gv8GGhfe7h26icFTnpXukSjwB 0.00010104 tBTC 06/01/2023, 02:36:24 PM f8b674ea50
2Mt5LZrGt8n3wQgoiKrAMg5ZLxT2bcs2owm 0.00012994 tBTC 06/01/2023, 02:35:59 PM 48a3970da9
2Mz39bkunuvtGZteyqwy4WS1jaBNXsj4mgo 0.00010452 tBTC 06/01/2023, 02:34:44 PM 3d984ac87b
2MzgNfnsdrqkikiJA1G5JEEwzyRtht75bTA 0.00014588 tBTC 06/01/2023, 02:34:28 PM 994094c8ac
tb1qzg9ded62anatgq2hdf8aw7ge9j08ldkh... 0.00005679 tBTC 06/01/2023, 02:31:05 PM 1b3f5a8e14
tb1q0g8aarnhr2zs0pu2szmqxxsz302c5dkq... 0.00009972 tBTC 06/01/2023, 02:29:47 PM acffb9aef9
tb1qeu846y7kedt5m7x4g0uuw7nj5z7umdx6... 0.00012429 tBTC 06/01/2023, 02:26:01 PM e0c6757dc4
tb1q56mulpy58wlvaqgd5gg3ays36j9hux3w... 0.00005095 tBTC 06/01/2023, 02:25:32 PM eb0b9421e0
2N9ZLzVfGnAUZbKCTQrfgFHKwuQnHcxtvkW 0.00012052 tBTC 06/01/2023, 02:21:56 PM 0b835df3df

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